Neutechnik - International Toolshop

Neutechnik-Toolshop is a German company that produces creative and unique tools for hobbyist, as well as, for the professional. Our products are 100% manufactured in Germany and are known for top quality. Our products are only available through the Neutechnik -Toolshop

2 Years Warranty

We will replace defective delivered parts within 2 years

My Personal Guarantee

Neutechnik-Toolshop has been delivering their products worldwide for many years. Each and every order was delivered without a single complaint. Once payment is made that order is promptly processed and shipped. There has never been a customer that did not receive his order. You have my guarantee it’s been that way in the past and will continue in the future. In addition, satisfaction is guaranteed. Each customer can return any order within 4 weeks with a full refund and is only responsible for return shipping costs. And you can be certain that all products will perform as shown in the videos.

Reinhard Becher

Owner and Product Developer of Neutechnik-Toolshop