A02 Precision Jigsaw Table for straight cuts

Precision Jigsaw Table which fits all jigsaws. When sawing straight or curved precision is guarantied with absolutely no side movement.

Included is the 300 x 300 mm table plate, parallel guide, sawarm with saw blade guide, 4 camps, and steel clamp.

Now, your jigsaw can saw precisely whether straight cuts or curves, thereby, replacing Circle Saws and Band Saws with additional safety.

The guide forces the saw blade to perform exactly up to thickness of 40mm.Angle can be adjusted for slanted cuts. The cut will maintain its angle since the saw blade is unable to bend or twist. The steel clamp adjusts to every table top, the possiblities for use are endless. Standard   saw blades can be used up to a thickness of 20mm. If more, than the extra long saw blades (132) from Neutechnik can be used.These saw blades can be ordered through the shop at extra low prices.

With English instructions!


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